Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Listen to the Plea

In college, we live by demands. Our alarm clock demands that we wake up. Our professors demand that we attend class. Our idea of popularity demands that we live in the social scene. Our future demands that we build a resume and make good grades. Our lives are shaped by demands.

Crying out from this chaos, however, is a plea. Some hear it, but some don't. Some even mistake it as another demand. This plea is to live for Christ. All of a sudden, hairs on the back of your neck may have stood up. Let me tell you again for the plea remains the same. We are to live for Christ.

Leading up to these days in college, we have always been told one thing: “Your college years are the time of most freedom and least responsibility. Enjoy them while they last!” For some, this statement is pure exhilaration, a reason to wake up only to decide to skip class. The demands, for these people, simply advertise more opportunities to take advantage of their freedom. For others, the response is fear, and the demands are their safety net. After all, this statement heralds freedom with no responsibility. This statement brings the reality that Mom and Dad really won’t be there to watch our every move. We realize we are finally “free.”

For many of us, we experience a combination of these reactions. We have a desire to “go out and live life to fullest,” but our feet never quite seem to leave the ground.

No matter where you are in your college life--whether you have a major or don’t have a major, like to party or study, believe in God or don’t believe in God—we are all in this together. The truth is, we are all just trying to discover why we are here and for what in the world we are living.

Join me on this journey, a path through our demanding life in college. Our destination? I have no idea. What I do know is that God knows. Together, let’s figure out what it means to be a Christian in this time of our lives—a time of searching for our identity in many different places with many different faces. Together, let's listen to the plea. I don’t know about you, but I have a confession.

Sarah’s Cofession: I’m with the Big Guy.

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