Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Be someone's angel

Have you ever met an angel?

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning walking to my Psychology class, I always see one of the shuttle drivers. We stop and exchange the routine, “Good morning. It sure is beautiful this morning! Have a great day!” conversation. Although I never knew his name, I always considered him to be my newfound friend. Today, however, I finally had the pleasure of meeting him.

On the shuttle ride, we talked about the weather; we talked about the morning. He told me that he didn’t understand how someone could be a “morning person.” He told me that he was “an all-day person.” “Every day is a gift,” he told. “After seventy-five years of gifts, you realize that every day should be filled with smiles.” I was so touched by his optimism, a rare jewel it seems, that I introduced myself before I got off. His name was Charles, but he told me to call him “LaLa.” While I shook his hand and received the blessing of his smile and his wishes for a good day, I realized that I had met an angel.

Today, go out into the world and find your angels. Have a “Tuesday with _” you fill in the blank. Find and appreciate those that God has placed in your life to encourage you in your walk with God. Sure, we have hard times, but God is calling us to live like my friend LaLa—abandoned to the ways of this world and trusting that God is in control.

“These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full” (John 15:11). Only once we “let go and let God,” we are finally able to spread the joy of Christ. We are finally able to be someone’s angel.


  1. Awesome entry today! Thank you for being one of those "all day" angels to soooo many!

  2. Many people may not know it... but we all come into contact with angels every day. We just need to keep our heads up, and take notice of these wonderful beings and strive to be as they are. GREAT ENTRY! We should all strive to be as "LaLa" is and will always be!

  3. hey Sarah,

    After having a hideously stressful day and being on the verge of having a mental break down i just had to let you know that today, you (and your blog) were my angel. Your sweet story and optimism gave me something to smile about, and your sentence about abandoning the ways of the world and trusting in God is something that I'll remind myself this week, (and for long after that).

    you really have a great blog :)